Word is I'm not ALLOWED to do anything physically until 2weeks after this surgery (Today being 1week). And after 2weeks (being next Monday May 6th) the pace I decide to comeback is up to my body and me. I will have to test and make sure I won't cause any further injuries, such as oblique or hernia. That being said, 1week after surgery I don't know when exactly I will be able to return. My words to the media were that I'm not able to give a timetable for when I'll be back without being cleared by Doctors to test my body and gain feedback. As far as "late May" I stated that I would be disappointed if I had to wait any longer than that. And that I hope to be back BEFORE then. Fact that I'm not cleared by the medical staff to try ANYTHING physical until at least next Monday MAY 6 means that it would take at least that week to start working and get back in game action and to rehab. Which means by the end of that week it would then be MAY11. At that point considering and hoping all things go well that could put me back with the team sometime as soon as the week of MAY 12-18. But again, the medical staff nor myself have a set timetable at the moment while I'm not able to do anything. And I would be disappointed if I had to wait as long as "Late May." Therefore the medical staff and I will have a better idea of a timetable for return next week. I'm hoping to be back on the field with my teammates much sooner than later than "late May."

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