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29th Mar 2013 from Soicha

Park Shinhye FM in Japan 24th March 2013

MC: “Miss Shinhye, Do you have experience of unrequited love?”

SH: “ I can not say no. ”

MC: “ When ? What kind of person? ”

SH: “ At university, a tall man, I have done as it is. ”

MC: “What's your ideal type?”

SH: “ Like Father, it is the men who play sports together. Summer is so close, I want to wake board together. ”

MC “Do you fall in love and become aggressive?”

SH: “ a type that appears on the face feeling, I can not stare at the face of the opponent and I would be restless. ” MC “When is your first kiss?”

SH “ In the drama… ”

MC “Have you ever received a confession of love?”

SH “No.”

(Audience “ Yipe! ”)

SH “even if everyone around me noticed that he likes me, I miss it. Because I'm insensitive. I have noticed that after becoming estranged.”

MC “How do we appeal for you notice it?”

SH “Did you eat? or Are you tired? … I noticed that he likes me and who care about me.”

MC “What is your marriage proposal of longing?”

SH “Than the big event, I prefer to get flowers one wheel when dating.”

MC “ How do you feel about confession by song?”

SH “I like it. I am the type that responds to voice. I gravitate to the voice of Jeff Bernat and checked it by myself.”

Q. What is the song do you want lover to sing?

1. 일년이면Whee Sung 2. 사랑하나요Lee Seunghwan 3. Call you mine Jeff Bernat 4. Lately Stevie Wonder 5. Falling slowly (Once OST)

Even though the lyrics sad, because I chose beautiful. that once the voice of the hero in movie(“Once”) is good. I want you to sing to men, I want to sing along.

SH “I'm glad I do not sleep at night, give me the phone to me and sing me a song.”

MC “ What is the song you want to sing to your boyfriend? ”


OST Best 5

1. Pitch Black (FBND) 2. Lovely Day (YAB) 3. Without words (YAB) 4. The day we fall in love(HS) 5. It was you ( Cyrano agency 시라노연애조작단)

About the OST.

【It was you】 SH “Director of Cyrano wrote the lyrics. It is the experiences of director.”

【The day we fall in love】 Heartstrings video is played SH “ This is the second time co-starring with YongHwa and breathing is suit. There was a notice not good. However, it is the work that will be remembered every moment. ”

【Without words】 You are beautiful video is played( Theater scene ) SH was imitated the words of YongHwa by Busan valve. (“She is my girl”) SH I'm glad that It became # 1 on the sound charts Hongi suppressed. It is a song that was loved by a lot”

【Pitch Black】 Flower boy next door MV is played.

MC “I want to hear all the time. A blue sweater is good in natural.”

About all OST SH “ I can not sing like the singer, so It often tune was adapted to my voice quality. I am happy to sing OST. because it is possible to unveil to you. ”

Q. What kind of music do you listen recently?

Humming Urban Stereo Jeff Bernat Romantic Punch Epitone Project Lee Seunghwan

I like that songs lyrics and voice.

Q. When you get a boyfriend, What do you want to do ?

Dating at baseball field. want to go to the amusement park like Lotte World. want to walk hand in hand at Samcheongdong without hat and sunglasses.

Q. What is the song you can not forget in your life?

1. Memories than love Lee moonsae

2. Cyman Islands Kings of Convenience

3. Request LeeSeunghwan

4. Fiesta Crazziquai Project

5. J Like yesterday

“ Memories than love is “Don't worry I am a ghost” OST. After the accident, rested for 6 months without mental and physical recovery. After a rest, I was embarrassed that stand in front of the camera. This work dispel such feeling and gave me the confidence.”


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