I'm going to attempt another character profile/backstory/whatever you wanna call it. This one might be rather long though.

This is for @MrPopcornHS

Raknis, the Half Fiend.

"Let me out, let me out PLEASE!" Raknis screamed through the bars of the prison he was held in. Raknis was one of the prisoners of the hordes of Demons Nulgath has sent to ransack nearby villages. Raknis saw his whole village murdered right before his eyes. He too, would have been mercilessly slain if not one of the Blood Fiends found his courage "admirable" after watching his family get slaughtered and grabbed a wooden pole as a weapon to fight with. After awhile of thoughts, Raknis dug his head into his shoulders in the corner of his cell and cried silently to himself in the dark corner of his prison cell awaiting what the morning will bring.

"Wake up, mortal" a voice called out from behind the bars. Raknis turned his head to see a large Fiend with what seemed to have it's Arm Blades soaked in blood breathing very heavily. "What is it? What do you want? You already took everything I held dear away from me, what more do you need?!" Raknis cried. "Mortal, the war has begun. Troops are needed. The Great Fiend can grant you the power to destroy me if you still wish to do so after" Raknis looked the demon dead in the eye. "...Who is this Great Fiend? How can I find him?" Raknis said with hesitation. He couldn't tell if the demon he saw murder his friends, his family, everyone he ever loved was planning to give him a shimmer of hope before he too, was slaughtered or if he spoke the truth. "Alright....Let's go." and they both went down the hallway, walking away from the screams and battle cries of the others behind them into the Chamber of the Great Fiend.

The Blood Demon and Raknis stood upon a very large door with odd, glowing symbols that seemed to be marked by blood and bone decorations. Before Raknis could even lift his hand, the door seemed to openly slowly on it's own. "From here, you must find your own way" the Demon spoke and before Raknis could even look back, he was pushed into the dark room and the door slam shut. Raknis was all alone in the a room darker than the night and something was approaching him. Something large.

Raknis banged on the door; pleading that the demon opened it and begged to be slain by it other than what was coming for him. The sound of the heavy footsteps was picking up pace and Raknis started screaming frantically. Just as he thought he was about to be killed, Raknis let out a shriek and shut his eyes, awaiting his doom. He opened one eye in curiosity, wondering why he hasn't been killed yet. He was surprised to see light and a sort of chamber covered in even more strange and unknown marking that were also glowing a dark orange color.

"It seems you survived my army" A dark voice called out. The voice sent a cold shiver throughout Raknis' body. This voice terrified him and he could not locate it. Like a scared dog, Raknis slowly backed up as much as he can until he hit the door and started to slide down as the face of the Demon appeared from the shadows and stared him down. Raknis was speechless and in shock. The Demon spoke very fast. "I am Nulgath. I will grant you power and you will surrender your eternal soul and loyalty to me in exchange for power." Raknis only nodded his head in silence and just like that he felt his body transforming. His limbs re arranging. -(This is your part Popcorn. Have fun with your imagination!)-

Raknis suddenly was thinking he didn't want this. He didn't want to live on as a demon who destroys others lives just as one destroyed his. He was terrified and started to scream in denial. Nulgath only smiled and teleported him out of the room and back into the open forests of the Overworld.

Raknis' Battle Quotes:
Controlled: You...I'm...Will fall...So...Blades.
Enemy: Run...Please...Run!
Victory: So...Sorry..

1 Attack Combo: Simple Stab
2 Attack Combo: Stab+Slash upward
3 Attack Combo: Spins in a circle and attacks the enemy.
5 Attack Combo: Lets out a loud cry and rapidly stabs the enemy.

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