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Standing on the boundary of sneakers and suits, a 25 year old youth Jung Yong Hwa.

Amidst the influx of idol dance groups during year 2010, here comes a boy band that can perform and sing well. Other than the good looks, CNBLUE also has the potential in performing. Although all four of them have different charms but there's one who attracted more attention. He is the one who would stand on stage and shout "everyone make some noise! (소리 질러)", the band leader and vocalist, Jung Yong Hwa. Guitar-vocalist Yonghwa is like a shoelace that would loosen the shoe, in fact, Yonghwa is actually a man who is similar to a carefree and comfortable pair of sneaker.

No longer giving out the feel of rebel and tough look in past music shows, he has the refreshing youth look just with grey tee and casual jeans.

He exceptionally likes running shoes/sneakers and would gladly spend any amount on it. "I would buy a lot of sneakers with many different designs. I must go to the store and try it personally before buying, just like buying clothes. I haven't tried buying things online before." Lately, he kept wearing huge diamond shaped ear studs or the one with rolling stone symbol on it. "For accessories, I only wear ear studs now. I used to like wearing rings and bracelets but now I think it’s a hassle to wear so many of it. It would be inconvenient for me to play the guitar if i wear rings so i seldom wear it. But I think watches are worth collecting so I wear it sometimes.”

Although he is like normal youngsters who pay attention to fashion, he would not dress up himself because he felt that there is no event/not a need for him to do so. Therefore he often wears simple tee and jeans. This might be the reason why he looks forward to the days where he can wear formal suits to award ceremony. He smiled and said: “I think I look good the most when I wear suits.”

Looks like Jung Yong Hwa has a body and height suitable for wearing suits. “I don’t work out on purpose. I go to the gym occasionally but it’s just to maintain my body shape. I like to eat a lot, so unlike other idols, I wouldn’t go on any special diets.” Yonghwa has a great body without having to restrict himself from eating and has a clean complexion too. Even with the trend of plastic surgery nowadays, he did not undergo any of it. His indistinct double eyelid makes his pair of eyes more charming.

“I’m most satisfied with my eyes, especially the mole under my eyes because it’s unique and I’m the only one having it. I am not satisfied with my high cheekbones the most. Whenever I see myself smiling on screen/tv, the cheekbones become very outstanding.” Because make up is compulsory whenever he goes on shows, pimples will grow on skin easily but Yonghwa has a clear and bronze skin colour. (?) “Although I go for skincare management, I wouldn’t specially take care of my skin complexion at home. I’m the type that will only apply the cream when the lotion and cream are being placed in front of me.

As compared to people of his age, he has stepped into the social world, has gained experiences more than others and he is only 25 years old. He is at the age where he can throw tantrum whenever he wants, spend and enjoy fun time with his friends. However, just like the idol we see on tv that would always smile happily, he would show his genuine smile unconsciously. He said just sometimes he has blissful moments when he really feels like smiling.

“Most happy moment will be during the concert. Being able to sing and interact with fans and at the same time hearing applause is the most blissful moment.” CNBLUE who is busy preparing for world tour has garnered attention from their home country and even internationally. “Ultimate dream is to get first place in Billboard Chart. Just like Psy sunbae, who is able to let Korea music be known and recognized by the world.” When Yonghwa is saying this, he is firm and shows no hesitation. As compared to other questions during the interview, he answered this with confidence. After finish answering this, he said “See you in our concert on May” with a naughty expression. He is really a pure passionate person but full of professionalism.

Yonghwa, sometimes using slight informal language conducting this interview, is very different from the one we saw on stage. He did not show any hypocrisy and silently walks his own route to success with rookies thought and clear goals in mind. He is looking forward to one day when CNBLUE’s music will be played in New York Time Square, and let everyone in the world goes wild with their music.

cr: 木木 via 郑容和吧

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