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to me
Dear Mr.Miller
I refer to my past messages on the subject.
If you intend to submit an individual complaint you need to comply with the admissibility requirements set up in the Optional Protocol of the UNCRDP (inter alia, a written submission, sufficient power of attorney or representation from alleged victims, exhaustion of domestic remedies, substantiation of allegations, information on any other remedy you have pursued, etc.

If you intend to request an inquiry, you need to prepare a submission in which you need to explain in detail :

1) What is the practice you are complaining about.
2) whether this practice is wide-spread in the country or in some regions of the country.
3. What is the involvement of the government of the State party,
4) What are the legislative texts (laws and regulations) have been used to justify the practice; please provide a full account of when the legislation entered into force, the full text of the laws and regulations, etc.
5) What kind of judicial or non-judicial redress is available for the alleged victims of this practice and what have been the results so far, (e.g., how many appeals have been successful, how many have failed)
6) please provided concrete figures about the extent to which the alleged practice is affecting the rights of persons with disabilities


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