Organizers of 3rd massacre of #Rohingya in #Arakan & their plans
1. Dr. Aye Chan who thinks #Rohingya are viruses needed to be clean from #Arakan
2. Dr. Aye Maung (RNDP) Amyotha Hluttaw constituency
3. Aung Mra Kyaw Pyinay Hluttaw constituency
4. Daw Saw Khine Thein , Rakhine Cultural & literature Association
5. Daw Khin Saw Way Pyaythu Hluttaw constituency
All the above persons organized a meeting at Sittwe Hotel where leaders of ALD, ALP, Rakhapura , Wan Lak Foundation, Rakhine Congress attended and appointed responsible persons for every town of #Arakan, #Burma. Those appointed person are now organizing in every town of #Arakan for 3rd massacre of #Rohingya.
Today, in Sittwe, 200 Rakhine gathered near Sanpya of Sittwe, shouted slogan of Rakhine to wipe out Kalars from #Arakan at 4 PM, when military came Rakhine were separated.
In MyinPya of #Arakan, a chief monk of monastery led a protest against #Rohingya. They also shouted to wipe out Kalars from #Arakan as soon as possible.
In Maungdaw, a Rakhine shop named Rakhine Kyaw made a lot of swords and handed over Rakhine of Maungdaw.
A commander of military branch , Kalara 352 , provides armed training for Rakhine of Maungdaw.
Many stranger Rakhines who don’t live in Maungdaw came to Maungdaw from other towns bringing wrapped things seemed to be weapons.
In MyayBon, chairman of monks association of MyayBon organized a meeting at 1PM , today, we don’t know what did they decide for 3rd massacre of #Rohingya.

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