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18th Mar 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] Taeyeon(?) on Instagram

*Disclaimer: I am not certain if this is the real Taeyeon. Take everything you see with a pinch of salt, thank you.

Everyone! This is Taeyeon who is in Japan~
I am always searching for ways to communicate with everyone, always wanting to share happy and joyful news with everyone!
All this time I've been using the official homepage and UFO Town but somehow... it seems sort of lacking?
(There are many different minor happenings that I want to share)
However I feel like if I alone start flooding the official homepage... that doesn't seem quite right ㅜ
"I'm always on the receiving end of questions in UFO Town so it would be great if I get the chance to ask everyone questions as well..." I had these kinds of thoughts too ^^
I think I know very well what everyone is worried about now.
You don't want me or the people around me to be hurt..
I started Instagram to be closer to everyone!
The times I am overseas have been increasing gradually
As much as that is happening, SONEs are getting more global as well.
I wish to share more... minor things, interesting things, this and that.
Like everyone, I will also try uploading photos one-sidedly(?)!
It's similar to the official homepage. The only difference is that it's Taeyeon only.
Having said all that, this doesn't mean that I will stop updating the official homepage or stop going on UFO Town
so to people who want to text me personally, please use UFO!
Come to play often, SONE :)

Trans of caption that came with photo:

My greeting is a bit late right? I actually wrote this by hand but this seemed neater; I am really Taeyeon^^ I will do well at tomorrow's Saitama concert too♥let's go soshi let's go!!

Trans: @Kymmie

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