Thanks to @terra_zephead for translating some highlights of the April INROCK.
LOLOL omg i'm reading the INROCK article thanks to Zhuxin's scans which I got via @glam_alidol. A lot of the stuff isn't new but he talks about DMG, album sales towards the end. The funny part though, is that the interviewer asks him all this srs bsn stuff, and towards the end suddenly asks him if it's true that he likes to walk around naked in the house. :PPPP And if he hates wearing clothes hahaahahah (oh boy, we wish)and Adam is like "whuuuuuu (explodes in laughter)" His reply is that when he's alone in the house, he does walk around naked sometimes :P It feels nice and free hahahahah

hmm actually what is probably new in the article is he talks about wanting go to South america, but it's not such a simple case of just wanting to go there; there are lots of complicated considerations. When asked if it's true that management has been wanting him to expand his activities outside America, Adam says, it's important that tickets must sell. It's not about what he wants, but it's dependant on sales. The south american music world is probably quite different from America. There aren't many people buying the album in South America, so because of that, the label doesn't really earn money, which makes it difficult to go and perform there. Having said that, there's still a possibility, and he wants to go there in the near future The interviewer mentions that it's not just South America, but sales have also fallen in other countries. Adam says that yeah that's true. It's quite a different situation from last time. However, in Asian countries like Japan, China, Philippines, there's still lots of demand for his album, which is very exciting. There's a great relationship between the artist and his fans. The interviewer mentions that even though his album reached #1 in America, overall sales in America have been lower than FYE. Adam says yeah, that's true, but having said that, the world 4 years ago, it's quite different from today. Album sales of most artists have been falling in general. It's a general trend in the industry. Adam says, but because of this, the music world has changed, artists must now find another way to connect with fans. Music is only just one aspect of it. For example, concert sales, social media, production of merchandise, are just some of the ways you can do that.

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