Trade deadline acquisitions to be made? First off Wings must get into position to think trades can help by winning games, 3rd to 14th is 6 point gap, not many sellers, hopefully they can win, Sammy and Helm are trade acquisitions to some extent but if they win they'll explore.

Does team have to get bigger going East? Boston is standard in East, when healthy, Sammy, Bert in lineup, Abby, Helm playing big, they're OK, but it's a theme in the NHL and will explore at trade deadline and in summer.

Realignment? It's spectacular for fans and team, division w/ Original Six rivalries, all road games in Eastern Time Zones, home and away against all West teams, CHI, VAN, playoffs w/in division, league hit it right on, great for league, team, Wings fans.

GM's meetings: He hasn't seen agenda but one of things he talked about going back 2 yrs ago was longer OT, 8 to 10 min go 4 on 4 to 3 on 3, not on agenda, will put on agenda for summer if not talked about this week, great game and standings are tight.