It's KEN and MICK!

Re: game: Howard's been a real good story, penalty shot, PK, the Wings knew they'd have to have power play goals to win, got one in EDM, got one that's hopefully big after 2 tonight.

Re: GM and injuries: Depth in team is great, Andersson out late against Sedins in 2nd, Tatar scored goals, Lashoff on D, 7 rookies this year, depth showing, allowing 'em to stay in race.

Re: Mrazek: real high on him, played in AHL ASG, tough as rookie, one of best in OHL, goalie of WJC, real poised, real good prospect.

Re: goalie gear, old Holland pic: 5'8" goalies play stand-up and they'll be back to 7-8 goals a game. It's changed and he's 5'8," guys are 6'3-6'5."

More Holland w/ Ken Daniels later.