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16th Mar 2013 from Twitlonger

Changmin's interview with Josei Seven
What would you like to do during your leisure time?
CH= I like climbing mountains. I like to go alone. I mostly go alone rather than with  friends. I would like to climb mountains whenever I find the time to do so. 

Your secret desire for 5 dome tour?
CH= The stage will be bigger than last year.I think we will be able to do a more gorgeous, fantastic, and a powerful performance. But since the stage is bigger, from the audiences' view, we might look like a qtip (cotton swab). To prevent these things, I think we would like to setup the stage so that ppl from different directions and angles can also be able to look at us clearly.

What do you think about the newest CD album, TIME?
CH= We tried to make the album show various characteristics of us, which can be our growth. Like expressing enjoyment, warmth, softness, and heartrending sorrow. Especially "One and Only One" is a ballad song and I thought that the lyrics were very good. It was the first time that I fell in love with a song with just by looking at the lyrics, before listening to the melody.

What do you drink when u breathe a sigh of relief?
CH= I often drink Black Coffee, without sugar and milk. Most of the time, I drink instant coffee (drip type) but rarely, I make coffee with a coffee machine. 

When you cross your legs, which leg is on the top, right or left?

CH= My right leg is at the top.

Where and what did you do on your birthday?
CH= I went out with my friends to get some drink (interviewer: I saw a joyful picture of you guys hanging out via Super Junior Kyuhyun's twitter). Ahh~ I was with him. Initially, we were planning to go get some Shochu (kind of alcohol) with just the two of us but more people joined and we ended up with 6 people in total.

What place do you recommend us to go in Korea (outdoor)?

CH= I recommend the Halla-San (mountain) in Jeju Island. (YH= that's a nice place to go *^^*)

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