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15th Mar 2013 from Twitlonger

TRANS] Women's Seven Magazine--Yunho's Interview & Staff after notes

**Sharpened concentration & wits**

Q: What do you drink when you have some time?
A: I am into smoothies especially strawberries.
I don't drink coffee much.
I used to have a coffee machine but I gave
it to my mother since I don't use it.

Q: What did you do on your birthday and where?
A: My father came to my house and we had lots of men talks.
He cooked beef ribs stew and seaweed soup for me and I was surprised at the taste level ( good!). ( laughs)

Q: What would you like to do personally?
A: I am very interested in outdoor activities so I have been browsing stores for camping gear.
I didn't buy any yet since it is a cold season now, but I would like to buy it this summer when I have a chance.

Q: When you cross legs, which leg goes on top?
A: maybe the left one?

Q: About the new album TIME..
A: There was a time that we have recorded 3 songs in two days, and those are the songs which we have put in concentration.
'In Our Time' is the song I would love to sing along with the fans live this time.
I wonder how we will communicate with this song with the fans this year.

Q; Please tell what your secret ambitions are for the 5 Dome Tour.
A: In live, not only showing wonderful performances is necessary but also sharing fun songs and time with the fans.
I would like to emphasize that this time.
New gag? I don't know how it will be. (laughs)

Q: How do the audience look from the stage?
A: It is difficult to make an eye contact with each and every fan but I always feel the energy so much.
I can tell when they are pleased or impressed right away.
We feel good to have that kind of stage of mind to notice those when we sing.

** Staff's eye**

Surprised to see Yunho while he is changing!
Inverted triangle shaped upper body was just like a pro athlete!
If I were to compare to anyone, maybe Uchimura Kohei(24, Gold medalist in Gymnastics )?
His overwhelmingly macho body with such a friendly smile is a wonder..
I felt such a friendliness as if I ran into my playful childhood playmate again. (editor Y)

Based on the info there are lots of 'Umaibo' in the waiting room, I put in our magazines also.
I felt dizzy with the gap between Yunho eating Umaibo deliciously with his cheeks full before and after the interview and Yunho's charisma while shooting photos.
When asked which flavor is the favorite, he said 'purple… fish roe flavor( Umaibo!) ' with a innocent smile.
I guess the women are knocked out by this gap.( journalist T)

The impression I had of them was cold because the photos of theirs I have seen before were all so cool.
However, he bares innocent smiles and reveals attractive poses during the photo take.
When I said something, he asked honestly " would you please let me know specifically? ".
He is a nice guy~ ( cameraman Nomura Seichi)


I translated from the Korean translation to English.

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