World, its been a while i guess i figured out a long time ago that social media just isnt my thing. ive been at a place in my life for the past year where i dont want to see anything thats not good, positive, uplifting, happy, giving, loving, sharing, hopeful, optimistic, or from GOD. what you allow into your mind, body, soul has to be protected, guarded, grounded, sound, firm, and of a good source, no exceptions! your mind, like your body has to be protected and monitored in order to live the positive life to want. all it takes is one persons dumb, ignorant, incorrect, moody, miss-guided opinion to change the scope of your day, life, moment. I've found that the idea of "following" or friending anyone who's proven to be a follower in life, childish, ignorant, selfish, self centered, non accountable, self loathing, or arrogant isnt what a real man should do. sometimes we men use our powers for the wrong things and we allow money, fame, persuasion, jobs, women, sex, power, envy, insecurity, peers to cloud our vision. for me, there is nothing worse than a man who has no accountability to other people or even themselves. or the ignorant artist/actor/musician/athletes who feels they have no accountability to inspire, encourage and LEAD people to a better place when they have the power of persuasion, not all just some. people open your eyes and find your freedom and independence.

next and last,
there has been a lot of questions about THEGAME for the last few months, honestly i wish i had all the answers but the truth is, i dont. i do know the NEW 6TH season will premier on (BET) MARCH 26, 2013. just like EVERY year before WE all worked really hard to TRY to make you guys proud.
some of you know tia and pooch have moved on, they are BOTH missed, loved and valued for what THEY helped make this show into today. people have asked me how i feel about them leaving (and) pooch's "irresponsible" not-so-subliminal-tweets and re-tweets. up until now its been my choice not to comment. the truth is, i think its kind of sad he feels the need to comment, tweet, retweet anything negative about the show that helped him/us become the artist we are today. i just dont think posting or re-posting negative things about a show or network that gave him an opportunity is productive or fair to the rest of us still here slaving away on this show, i think its counter productive for him and his history here on THEGAME, PERIOD!

reality is, were all just trying to make this thing work for everyone, its not just about us as actors (although we tend to think it is). its about the crew, producers, network, costumers, p.a's, fans, families, friends who eat and live their dream off of working in hollywood, in tv and in the movie business. we have two new players on the team ( lauren and jay) this year and they deserve a chance to fly without bad energy, just like me, pooch, coby, wendy, tia, brittney had when this all first started three years ago on BET. when you TRUELY give your all and have great intentions, you have no regrets you can really move on and let the past GO. i THINK thats where tia is, despite whatever happen she has handled her leaving responsibly, not just to herself but also to those of us she left behind holding the torch for you guys, the fans.

Everything comes to an end for us all, just like pooch and tia one day it will be time for ME to move on in my career. thats the name of THE GAME were in called "ENTERTAINMENT". No beef, just honesty, love and us all growing the up and becoming the artist we are suppose to be. there are no victims here, only survivors of the inevitable thing we call cancellation and a rebirth givin by BET who heard your (the fans) emails, calls, tweets and complaints about being minority, urban, ethnic, black and not having a voice on television. ALWAYS remember that! NO, its not perfect but for now its a place a lot of actors, producers, writer, creatures, artist of color still call home.

One love, Hosea C

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