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13th Mar 2013 from Twitlonger

...@mrjimsturgess on The Big Shoe - Is The Big Shoe (which is also set to star Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks) the film that you’ll do next?

STURGESS: The Big Shoe is an independent film, and there are always financial problems, so hopefully something will happen.

What appealed to you about that story?

STURGESS: It’s about reading something that’s like nothing you’ve ever read before. It’s a really interesting character and a really interesting world that the director has conjured up. You look at the director and see who’s behind it. Steven Shainberg, who’s behind Secretary and Fur, lives in his own universe, and those are the best artists to work with. From an acting point of view, you just visit their headspace for that period of time and live in their madness. You get to be a guest in their head. Those people are the most interesting people to attach yourself to. I just thought it was a really unique and brilliant idea, and it says a lot about art versus commerce. The story is really about the difference between making a piece of art and making something just to sell.


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