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12th Mar 2013 from Twitlonger

<SUB: CNBLUE to become a springboard of the company growth>
8:48 CNBLUE are the 2nd sons (to me) but are like reliable and strong sons. As you see from their looks, they are quiet.
<SUB: CNBLUE with gentle and decent image>
8:53 ~ I never saw them to hang out with fellow celebrities since their debut.
9:00 ~ MC: They don’t play.
Mr Han: They spend most of time to compose, practice music performance and acting. They are very correct and upright. They are different from others in recent days.
10:24 The reason they are good at it is because of not only their talent but also their sincerity.
< SUB: The key to (CNBLUE’s) success is talent and sincerity >

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