1.Is Everton for sale? YES
2.What is ballpark asking price? 125 million
3.Interested parties? Interest from Middle Eastern party.
4.Why no sale? Goodison is a "millstone' around club neck.
5.Do Everton want to move? Yes,City of Liverpool/Everton have always been open to a groundshare which LFC will not engage in.However EFC have independent sites in mind,and will not be looking outside of City of Liverpool.Timescale 5-10 years.
6 Why no AGM? Everton prefer the ASF as AGM meetings can be very heated,nothing gets done.
7David Moyes? No positive development.If David wants a new contract,its his.David's decision will be in his own time as stated.
8.What is Bill Kenwright feeling currently? Despondant.
9.What is club debt? 48 million pounds.

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