Unwed mothers need to be shamed to high heavens,

You don't want your body policed, but you are wreckless, and now the village has to pay for it

Did you consult the village when you was on your back, making that baby with that deadbeat?

Why is Evette Dionne being intellectually dishonest, there are three types of single mothers

Never-Married Baby Mamas

Most women stories tend to fall into the third category, where at least you could have signed a marriage certificate first to earn your professional victimhood credentials. You can say we were married & he just up & left. I truly doubt many scenarios play out like this.

Most women never asked these men for a legal commitment or sized up his finances, to gauge how responsible & capable this man is in maintaining a family.

So, at the end of the day, bring on the shame, poor decisions have dire consequences.

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