[Trans] JYJ ad bus in Shibuya, 'automatic shutter click'

The popularity of JYJ has been demonstrated in Tokyo, Japan.

JYJ will have their 3-day concert in Tokyo Dome from Apr 2-4. This will be their first official event after finishing their their contract termination lawsuit with Avex who suspended their activities in September 2010. It was 4 years* since the JYJ Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome last June 2010

A recent video was posted in online communities that showed a JYJ concert promotion vehicle cruising around Shibuya. It showed a photo of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu along with the concert dates and place while playing tracks from their In Heaven album.

Upon seeing the PR vehicle, people from the street automatically pulled out their cameras and took photos of the ad. Even after the vehicle has passed, people are still taking photos even if it's slowly moving out of their sight. People from all ages and sex are staring at the ad, proving their popularity.

Netizens reacted, "JYJ Tokyo Dome PR vehicle showed their popularity.", "Looking foward to JYJ's Tokyo Dome concert." among others.

Source: http://www.wowtv.co.kr/newscenter/news/view.asp?bcode=T30001000&artid=A201303040154

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