@AlfredoFlores Hey fredo.
my friend @BenjyDyer is boy belieber and he supports justin since the begining. He found him in 2009 and he always supported him. In 2009, he lost his mother and.. he was so brken but justin helped him to believe in his dream and to never give up. He's so gratful today and He went to canada, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland to see him. you met him in paris 2 years ago for the MyWorldTour. He's from south of france and he's going to a lot of believe tour concert. he's going tour Belgium's Believe Tour concert, Switzerland's Believe Tour concert, Italy's Believe Tour concert. He NEVER met justin. he's waiting since 2009 to meet him.

You know, we are ALL going to PARIIIIIIS's Believe Tour but I have a m&g and he haven't. You're his last chance to meet justin and i know how much you care about beliebers and.. Benjamin really needs your help.

I hope you'll do something to help him to meet justin the 19th march in Paris.

i love you, bye.

-Florine, @WeHonorAlfredo.

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