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1st Mar 2013 from Twitlonger

#The Attacks of 26/ watchable,gritty and raw and above all it keeps reminding us the rgv we all worshipped...RGV has taken a safe route which is economically viable by not showing the NSG operation which might cost a bomb to shoot and limited the incidents to TAJ..very cleverly adopted screenplay is a plus where the whole movie is shown as the narration of Rakesh Maria to Pradhan Committee...that clever adoption provides the justification that the narration is done by joint commissioner of police so that incidents he narrates will be limited up to the police operations...Nana has done exceedingly well and subdued,lengthy dialogues flows from mouth smoothly... difficult to imagine any other actor doing that parting,RGV has casts NANA as he is well aware that entire second half of his movie is built upon dialogues and only a seasoned and experienced actor nana can carry it off...but lot of questions which we expects answers has been left how does kasab and his cronies who were born in Pakistan and who has never set foot upon Mumbai found out and mapped the directions for the exact places to does they did the they found out about the koder house and it's importance with is real...who was their legman in Mumbai,with out local support how does they mapped the entire operation...usually films in this genre like Munich and Zero darc zero it whole actions both which was in the public eye and what un answered questions will be clearly documented...we can overlook that considering the fact this is the first Indian movie on that genre and RGV with a string of flops had extreme limitations on budget...special mention should be given to Amar Mohile's excellent BGM..that also should be given to RGV as Shivasthuthi and Devisthuthi is commonly used in Telugu films by all hit directors who belonged to RGV school...Kali sthuthi which was earlier used in Teja's NIJAM must have been RGV's contribution to the BGM and it adds grittiness into the raw visuals...totally ATTACK OF 26/11 is a well made film which can be forgiven for it's minor glitches because it is raw,it emotes and it's gives a gripping and realistic account of certain events on that fateful will shoot any proud Indian and i feel that this one may bring RGV the success which was evading him for so long...

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