Holy 5 million followers. You know what that means. Time for another sappy letter to my love bugs. Here we go.

Dear Arianators,
I'm actually obsessed with you. You're my family. My best friends. Thank you for always being here for me. I know I say that all the time but I really mean it. You are always here for me when I need you most. No matter what I'm going through all I have to do is come online and read your tweets and it all goes away. Thank you for making me laugh so hard. I don't know what's gotten into you guys but your sense of humor literally makes me fall on the floor and pee / die every time I read your tweets. All of you are so kind and dedicated and caring and I actually can't describe how that feels. I also don't know if I will ever be able to thank you enough for all that you do for me but I'm working really hard and hopefully that will pay off and I will be able to entertain you guys with good music and good television for a really long time. I feel so blessed to be fulfilling my dreams with you all by my side. Lol, I want you all to know that whenever I am working / making decisions I keep you guys in the back of my mind like "what would my babes think of this?". This year is going to be an exciting one for us. I've been working like a dog and I really can't wait for you to hear all of the music and see Sam & Cat. I really do think you'll be so happy with what I've been working on, I really hope you love it. Your enthusiasm and feedback and passion is what makes me love my job as much as I do. Thank you for allowing me to be honest with you and to make mistakes and to be my 19 year old girl self with you. Here's to a million more memories / inside jokes together. I actually love you so much and if you ever need me I'm here for you.


I also want to say one last thing. When I meet you guys and you have your little pearls on with your little half up half down hair curled and tied with a ribbon and your little bear cases it legit makes me want to cry / fall on the floor. Like I can't deal with you guys one bit. #ObsessedWithU

K bye.


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