[Trans] Park Yuchun, proof shot of chartered flight 'dignified hallyu star'

How does JYJ's Park Yuchun look like in a chartered flight?

On the 23rd, a photo of Park Yuchun flying via a chartered flight was posted in JYJ's official facebook page and has attracted attention.

The photo shows Park Yuchun, wearing a black rider jacket and a black studded cap, sitting on a wide cushion seat while looking at something on his phone.*

Park Yuchun has left the country aboard a chartered plane in order to appear live on Hunan TV's special Chinese Lunar New Year broadcast. Park Yuchun is the only Korean invited to the special event which has been #1 most watched in China for 15 years.

On the same day, Park Yuchun has participated in 'Save the Children' knitting campaign. He left for China after his press conference with the local media.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130224n03471

*SP-san said on his twitter that the plane has built in wifi. ^^

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