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21st Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

[EDITED TRANS] JYJ's congratulatory message for Park Geunhye's presidential inauguration

Starting at 1:03 http://youtu.be/_BqsElX5HzY

JJ: Hello, we are JYJ.

A new government, a new face and a Korea that is starting afresh!

Change is a new beginning.

Being able to stand on the stage of such a grand national gathering makes our hearts flutter.

YC: President Park Geunhye,

Please create a good country, a country where everyone is happy, and a country that is great to live in.

JS: Without hesitation, please have interest in culture & arts in the future.

As we think of ourselves as national representatives, we will strive to inform people of the excellence of Korean culture nationally and internationally.

This was JYJ. Thank you.

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