Longer version. #Starbucks #StarbucksIndia Despite the comparatively late up-take on Twitter, the retweeting, liking and favouriting must've gotten to them. They found my email add, asked for my details and invited me over to meet them. I took the same two friends I'd previously gone with, incase the manager was in the mood for some corroboration. A Tata head took me aside and asked me to explain the situation, offered us free coffees and apologised profusely (I later realised it was the same man who'd ignored us the first day we'd gone there, we'd mistakenly thought he WAS the manager). Anyway, the actual manager dropped by for a brief moment too. I wasn't looking to extract anything, and just reiterated that their PR was a mess for a) initially giving me a premeditated response b) deleting my post and leaving me be to simply wreak havoc on the brand reputation. He nodded genially. I'm considering whether I should repeat our exact predicament (friend inside and waiting, two outside, trying to get in) to see if they've actually changed. But then again, is any of it worth it? #Firstworldproblem or not, a cup of coffee and their lax management can't be my biggest headache.

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