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The Lady of The Lake

Rumors go that every few years or so, a voice of sorrow can be heard throughout the lakes of the Overworld....
No one has ever seen anything definite, but a shape of a lady in a long blue gown with a white trim and a snowflake design that runs from the bottom corner of her skirt to the top shoulder has been reported to been spotted.
Her cries attract men, women and even children to nearby forests in the night to in search of her voice.
Sadly, no one ever returns and no body is ever found.
While people do not know much, the Elders say the spirit is possibly a local from the village named Serena Yushina.
They spoke of her as a very quiet person and her expression was always a blank one.
Her hair was always let down and long, and the color was more black than the darkest of night.
People were often scared to look into her emerald like eyes and talk to her; making such rumors as she will steal their soul if they do.
In the Winter, people would often say her was invisible or hard to spot from her skin as white as the fall of morning snow.

When Serena's hand was finally asked in marriage, the people of the village were shocked to find out someone with so little expression could even find love.
On the night of her wedding, there are many rumors onto what exactly happened when the two suddenly disappeared from their wedding night.
Some say she ran off into the woods never to return, while others say her husband stabbed her in the chest with a knife and threw her body into a lake...
Some even say she committed suicide.
Perhaps she is the voice of the lake that so many are hearing...And why so many are disappearing.

Serena's Element: Water
Weapon: she has none, but can summon water from nowhere and bend it to her will.

1 hit combo: A wave of water crashes down.
2 hit combo: She shapes the water into a whip and lashes it as you.
3 hit combo: Her cries and shrieks turn into soundwaves bouncing off the enemy.
5 hit combo: Her eyes turn red and a red aura glows around her, causing her to attack her with nails directly.

Special move(s)

Whirlpool: A DoT lasting 3 turns doing 3 damage

Controlled Quote: The World is a wet and cold place..
Enemy Quote: I shall make you feel just as cold as I feel inside...

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