Broncos T Ryan Clady to me on the franchise tag: "I don't think it's a sign of disrespect. I just think it's kind of part of the business. Am I okay with it? No. But it's not like I'm out on the streets right now. I know I will have a job at least for one more year so, I'm still good. I would like to have long-term security in Denver, but if I don't get anything done before the deadline then who knows."

"Injuries are a part of the game; I'm recovering from one right now. It is what it is. Considering the fact that I played with my shoulder messed up for a couple games, I would think that would help me get a long-term deal instead of hindering it, but it is what it is."
[Clady told me he had a rotator cuff tear Dec. 23 vs. the Cleveland Browns but the pain didn't really get worse until the following game]

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