#Magudi Magudi - Initially i was not happy with the placement of Magudi Magudi song at the opening title card. The female lyrics in the song was illogical while he never met the leading lady when this song featured first. Again for the second time the female voice was a disconnect in context with the scenes. But wait..........

The female voice does not refer to the voice of the leading lady but used to symbolize Satan. A call of Satan. At a deeper level it is lifted from biblical references, Satan portrayed/related to Snakes. Now Mani Ratnam requested A.R. Rahhman to compose an addictive beat of Satan called - Magudi Magudi.

The female lyrics portion is a metaphor for the BAD, the voice of Satan.

"unaku theriyuma..
naan unna nenapen
nee enna marappa
naan adipen.. nee siripa..
nee oor suthi.. naan unna suthi..
naan edhir.. nee pudhir..
naan magudi da.. nee paambu .."

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