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16th Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

Feb.15.2013 A Family's Dignity
Jonghyun: From now on, I will sing only for you. Will you be my eternal fan?
Mother-in-law: Fortuneteller said your marital harmony is bad. Break with my daughter.
Jonghyun: Mother, I will overcome the fortune telling with the power of love.
MC: Next to you, Jonghyun is looking at you with his mouth open. He must be touched by you.
'No news is good news'?
Jonghyun: My father used to say it. He believes me, doesn't worry about me. I am not calling him, so I think I'm being a good son.
MC: Say hello to your father through TV.
Jonghyun: I will call you as soon as this show is over.
[ obsession]
MC: Do you think parents' obsession is poisonous?
Jonghyun: I think, 'All kinds of love obsession is poisonous'.
MC: Is it related to 'No news is good news'?
Jonghyun: Yes, same idea. Just like man and woman relationship, if parents obsessed, children want to run away.

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