I'm sooooo tired about this and I'm so angry about this.
I said " "All the characters are like my son or daughter" million times. I said it few years ago.
I love all characters. I'm their parents. and I'll be unemployment if there is no existence of them.
I hate only spammers and Negative opinion.

few years ago, Jun fan and Kunimitsu fan had said that it was the same as you.
But now, They are happy. also I'm happy about this result.
I do not hear a negative opinion and do not realize them.
It will not be realized supposing you are pessimistic to Shin.

Even if I explain in this way, there are those who ask, "Then, does Shin appear in NEXT TEKKEN?"

Are you hearing my talk or tweet usually?

I said "They will be realized if many fans wish." million times!

Of course, It will not be realized if there are few people who wish them.

It is my answer.

and one more things, I dislike the talk based on a rumor.
There is no truth in a rumor.

RT @Alians000 So its true Shin was rejected even when there was blank slate for u? You didn't wanna make him in, because you disliked him?

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