Received this email from job centre RE: #universaljobmatch

In response to your email ,

This was the guidance that was relevant as of our discussion on tuesday 12/02/13.

Universal Jobmatch - Update on mandatory use of Universal Jobmatch

Jobcentre Plus staff will be able to mandate claimants to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch, by issuing claimants with a Jobseeker’s Direction, where appropriate.

Jobcentre Plus Staff should continue to start from the current position of giving encouragement and support to claimants to willingly use the service in the first instance. Jobcentre Plus Staff should therefore promote the advantages of the service, as a tool that will help claimants to access jobs and assist in the compliance with jobsearch activities before considering issuing a Jobseeker’s Direction.

Claimants, who do not wish to accept cookies on their own devices, can be required to create a profile and CV using one of our Internet Access Devices (IADs) where appropriate.

When I spoke to you on 12/02/13 I was following the Guidance that was relevant at that time but since then this has changed and mandation of Universal Jobmatch has now been delayed until 01/03/2013.


Personal Adviser | Jobcentre Plus | DWP

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