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13th Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] JYJ Valentine's Day Skit

JS singing as Mozart: Even if I close my eyes~ I see her.
She is my own angel~

JS talking: Everyone~ Are you ready to give me your love for Valentine’s Day?
I will also let everyone hear my love. (Caption: Junsu who wants to receive the ‘sweet stuff’)

JS singing as Joon: Can you hear me? (Text box: Please give me the sweet stuff~)
I love you (Caption: A love song to receive the ‘sweet stuff’)
Do you hear this voice?

JS taking: Happy Valentine’s~~ ^^ (In text bubble black text: ‘Please give me chocolate’ in a very cute way)

When JS blows the kiss, text on screen: Ang~

JS talking: You all thought it ended right?

JS singing as Tod: My chocolate~~
Stop eating it~~ (Captions on screen: Sweet~ Sweet~)

Grey screen caption: Chocolate.. I’m doing this to receive it

YC in Sageuk as Lee Sunjoon: It’s been a while. This is Lee Sunjoon.
Please say you don’t have a boyfriend.

Screen caption: Is this a risky thing to do?

YC in Sageuk as Lee Gak: It’s me, the Crown Prince.
Did you prepare the sweet stuff? (Text bubble yellow text: Please give me chocolate in cute and sageuk tone)
If you eat it all by yourself, you’ll gain weight.

Screen caption: I’m not going to get to eat chocolate like this…

YC as Han Jungwoo: Lover~ I’m really missing you today.
Where is my chocolate? Give it here~

JJ interrupts in sageuk tone, black text bubble: (Sizzling) I want to kill him…

JJ: Hi~ I’m the prince of the financial world Cha Muwon. Are you doing well?
Did you grow a lot?
What did I saw on the last episode of Protect the Boss?
I said to grow more right? Just a bit more! A bit a bit a bit~
This can’t do
You know that in a bit, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day right?
If you don’t grow a bit more, I won’t give you chocolate~
Just a bit more, just a bit, just a bit, more more more more!
Grow a bit more and come~

JJ as Kyungtak: Hello. I’m Kim Kyungtak.
Why, why didn’t you give me chocolates?
Can’t you please just give it to me?
Since a long time ago
Chocolate wasn’t on my side..

JJ giggling

JJ: Why, why didn’t you give me chocolates?
In other places, the lovers are giving and receiving chocolates affectionately..
Those guys!!
Arrest them immediately!!!!
Please give me chocolates
Why aren’t you giving me chocolates?
Last year and the year before that, how many years has it been?
You guys want to receive candies right? Then this time, give me chocolates
Then, I will give everyone candies. Like this (motioning above YC’s head)

YC: Jawbreaker (type of round candy)
JJ: Jawbreaker. Ang~
YC: Is it yummy?
JJ: Ang~

As 3 now, in rehearsal

JJ: Who are you?
YC: Jungwoo
JJ: Jungwoo? I’m Kyungtak-ie
YC: Then should I be Lee Gak?
JS: How can I do my voice?
Someone in background: It’s possible!
JJ: You have to sing no matter what. Like when you’re doing musicals, ‘Ohhh~~ Chocolateeee~~”

JS: Oh Kyungtak-ie~~ Did you receive chocolates?
JJ in sageuk: I didn’t receive any

JS: What was he again?
YC: I’m the King remember
JJ as Kyungtak: Ah.. he is the King.

JS: Lee Gak-ie~ Did you eat chocolate?
YC: Can’t you shut that foul mouth of yours?

Caption: The musical “Rooftop Kyungtak-zabeth” has been born!

JS: Ah let’s do this, let’s do this. Ahhh This can’t do, let’s do this.
YC: I’m the highest, I’m the King remember.

JS: Oh Kyungtak-ie~ Did you eat chocolates?
JJ: I haven’t been able to yet. How about you (informal)? Ah, you’re the king (switched to formal)
JS: Oh Lee Gak-ie~ Did you receive chocolates?
YC: I will cut off that tongue of yours
/JS & YC laughing/
YC: You can’t laugh. He’s not laughing (points to JJ)

Caption pointing to JJ: Focused

JJ: Have you tasted that sweet chocolate?
JS: I have tried it~
JJ still in Sageuk: Arrest this rascal immediately
JJ: I will not forgive this rascal.

YC: hurry up and keep going
JJ: How, the finishing act..
YC: 1,2,3
JYJ: Happy Valentine’s~~

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