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10th Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

Sooyoung's birthday! What I remember:

After singing Oh! they had another MC where they commented how Yuri was super hyper and she was like it's cuz of Sooyoung's birthday!

They got out a cake and started singing happy birthday but too slow lol. Then they tried again really fast and were successful. Soo closed her eyes and made a wish. :) then the members had fun putting frosting on her cheeks and nose. Yuri put a strawberry on her nose and the others commented how cute it was lol.

Then Soo was like 'I'm a make up model!' then they started to wipe off the frosting. While Sooyoung gave her speech Tiffany must have been eating the cake and said yummy because Sooyoung all of a sudden said 'Don't say it's yummy!'

Sooyoung also mentioned how she thought there might be a party at midnight but nothing happened. A member said (i think Tae) that she went to bed and Sunny laughed really hard. All the while Fany was still eating frosting.

After her speech thanking everyone they started eating the strawberries and frosting.

Yuri continued being hyper and started the beat boxing. When the other members joined in Sica said 'We look stupid.'

At the end the members said she should have a solo so she started singing the beginning of FLOWER POWER, making up stuff for Sica and Sunny's lines. Seohyun tried to come over and and help sing but Soo said to go back. Poor Seobb haha

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