Hi, well iv never done this before so here it goes . My name is nick . I'm from south africa . Uhm well . All through my life I knew I was diffrent . I was shy . Which made me an easy target . All through primary and middle school I was bullied and tormented , it ruined my life . It got so bad where I moveed schools , a lot . It changed me . I considerdd taking my life . But why must I let them win . I went to see a lot of people about my problem . But I don't talk about my feeling but this is the first iv ever spoken about it beacause of 5 boys . The janoskians really impacted my life in an amazing way . They taught me that its ok to be who I am . To be happy with who I am . They taught me to love myself . They boys helped me a lot . They bring joy in my life . They are the reason I'm happy today and they make me brave . And for that I will be forever greatfull

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