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Does spiritual healing and prayer really work? A recent survey of over 4,000 nurses found that 80 percent felt that spirituality should be covered in nurse education as a core aspect of nursing. Why? Because it works, and because it falls inline with new theories on consciousness. Physicist Gerald Feinberg stated, "If such phenomena indeed occur, no change in the fundamental equations of physics would be needed to describe them." Henry P. Stapp of the University of California-Berkeley states, "Our human thoughts are linked to nature by nonlocal connections: what a person chooses to do in one region seems immediately to effect what is true elsewhere in the universe." Compelling evidence suggests that those who follow a spiritual path in their life live several years longer than those who do not follow such a path, and that they experience a lower incidence of almost all major diseases. A survey of American family physicians found that 99 percent are convinced that spiritual beliefs can heal, and 75 percent believe that prayers of others can help a patient recover. It is well know scientific knowledge that praying for patients helps them heal faster. "Developing research shows that spiritual healing through other people’s prayers (intercessory prayer) reduces the need for breathing machines and drug treatment using antibiotics or water pills in heart patients" - WebMD. So we know that everyone believes this and has faith that our intentions can cause healing effects, but are there any individual scientifically stable studies to give credence to spiritual healing? Here is just one.

Dr. Glen Rein (PhD) discovered that loving energy sent through intent has conformational changes on the human DNA molecule. The DNA molecule actually unwound and began to heal itself when in the presence of loving energy sent through intent. The DNA molecule began to heal itself ONLY when sent the energy of love through conscious intention, and did the opposite when sent thoughts of tension and anger. "Effects of Conscious Intention on Human DNA" is the name of the study and here is a link to the original study.

Here are mainstream media outlets discussing spiritual healing

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