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@OpAntiBullyInfo is a Resource Information Account with a friendly core of admins from varied backgrounds of anti-bullying activism. ♥

► When online - we will be happy to DM (direct message) with anyone in need.

► We follow back as needed on a case-by-case basis.

► Tweeting the #OpAntiBully hashtag may also bring you attention from other people willing to help.

► Always use common sense regarding sharing personal information online.

If you're really young & being (cyber)bullied, ALWAYS tell your parents.

Don't worry about them getting upset.

♥ They need to know - so they can take care of you ♥

If you really cannot talk to your parents, consider a relative, favourite teacher, etc.
Whatever you do: When you are being bullied - talk about it to someone!





Recommended Anti-Bullying Websites:

► Check out http://cyberbullying.org/ for useful tips.

► Check out http://bullying.org/ for useful tips.


► Bullying Warning Signs:


Twitter REPORT FORMS via @Support

► CHILDPORNOGRAPHY: http://goo.gl/c6AOJ

► SELF HARM INFO: http://goo.gl/bbEAP

► SELF HARM FORM: http://goo.gl/8yWTN

► HARASSMENT: & ABUSE http://goo.gl/A3KIl

NOTE: If the bully has blocked your Twitter account, you won't be able to make a linked Tweet, but you can use a weblink to a screenshot of the abusive Tweet instead to file a report.

See here: http://imgur.com/k04oQUz.png



► HOW TO BLOCK USERS: http://goo.gl/ot9b3

► HOW TO REPORT AS SPAM: http://goo.gl/o6RNI

► HOW TO PROTECT TWEETS/PROFILE: http://goo.gl/xnbV6

To get someone to unfollow you - just quickly block them & unblock them again. Easy!
Sometimes preferable to outright blocking as it is less conspicuous.
TEMPORARILY protecting your Twitter account is another excellent option. It blocks out the noise in your mentions.


You don't have to respond to an abusive comment.


TWITTER SUPPORT: @Support http://support.twitter.com/


Twitter Support Articles:

► ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR http://goo.gl/eIZDD

► SAFETY TIPS for TEENS: http://goo.gl/QptJ0

► SAFETY TIPS for PARENTS: http://goo.gl/Vh9qL

► SAFETY TIPS for TEACHERS: http://goo.gl/Pa0Ct


Regarding Self Harm & Suicide:

Reporting someone to Twitter is only the minimum amount. Generally it is a good idea to reach out & tweet someone a 24h crisis line.

► For US & Canada: 1-800-448-1833

► For UK: 08457 90 90 90

► For Australia: 13 11 14 (or 000 if immediate danger)

► For Ireland: 1800 247 100
(or text the word HELP to 51444)

► For New Zealand: (09) 5 222 999 24/7 Lifeline

We list several personal peer support accounts in our Twitter Resource lists.

One of the best ones on Twitter is @unsuicide


DIRECT Link to our Peer Support Twitter Accounts List:



Other Useful Online International Resources - Suicide:




The TROLL* Phenomenon

Beware of the "Trolls"

Trolls are users whose primary objective is to offend other users. Every social network has them. The more controversial the topic or issue, the more likely it is that a troll will be part of, or be trying to initiate, the conversation. It is up to you whether to engage, ignore or report trolls when you come across them. Just be aware that your anger and outrage are precisely what the trolls are after.

Also be aware that many trolls are savvy social media users themselves and are careful to operate well within their chosen platform's rules regarding offensive/abusive behaviour.

Cpl. Jamie Chung
Media Relations Officer, Coquitlam RCMP

Source: http://bc.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=319&languageId=1&contentId=27901&addthis;=

*Note: "Trolling" is a loosely defined term. Some anti-cyberbullying online activists use carefully calibrated trolling techniques as a reverse combat method towards abusive Twitter users.


If you're really young & being (cyber)bullied, ALWAYS tell your parents. Don't worry about them getting upset.

♥ They need to know - so they can take care of you ♥

24H KIDS HELP LINES (Just call! No names!)

► US: 1-800-448-3000 Girls & Boys Town National Hotline
► US: 1-800-4-A-CHILD or 1-800-422-4453 National Child Abuse Hotline

► Canada: 1-800-668-6868 Kids Help Phone

► UK: 0800 1111 Childline

► Australia: 1 800 55 1800 Kids Help Line

► New Zealand: 0800 66 28 55 No Bully Helpline

► Ireland: 1800 66 66 66 Child Helpline Text Talk to 50101


Bullying Victim Support Chat rooom via @Abused Kids



☀ Lastly ☀
This account is NOT administered on a 24 hour basis.
If you are in immediate distress - tweet the #OpAntiBully hashtag & also consider going offline right after for a few hours if you are very upset.
Talk to a friend and/or tell your parents ♥

♥ #OpAntiBully ♥


DIRECT Link to our Resource Twitter Lists:


Open a list - click on Members & get an easy view.


♥ @OpAntiBullyInfo is a Resource Information Account with a friendly core of admins from varied backgrounds of anti-bullying activism. ♥ #OpAntiBully

#OpAntiBully is a hashtag used in Tweets by both the general public & diverse anti-bullying activists and especially activists among Anonymous. ♥
Simply it is an effort started by a small, diverse core group of Twitter users in November 2012, who shared a genuine concern for children suffering bullying on & offline and decided to work together to help make a difference.

A little History:

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