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6th Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

Too many coincidences and inconsistencies. Why I think Craig #Thomson is innocent. #auspol:

1/ Strike Force Carnarvon, which ultimately resulted in Craig Thomson's arrest, was initiated after discussions between the HSU's Kathy Jackson & NSW Police.

2/ Kathy Jackson's partner, Michael Lawler, was appointed to FWA's predecessor, the AIRC, by Tony Abbott himself as Minister for Employment & Workplace Relations & Lawler has improperly involved himself in HSU politics.

3/ The charges against Craig Thomson are largely based on an FWA report into the HSU which had most of its claims over Thomson's electoral spending quashed by the AEC. The FWA report was also heavily criticised in an independent review conducted by KPMG.

4/ After NSW police dropped their investigation into Thomson (& despite advice from the Australian Government Solicitor that Section 655 (2) of the Fair Work Act does not authorise disclosure of information to state police forces) George Brandis was clearly pushing for information to be released.

5/ Twice in a row when police arrived - first at Craig Thomson's home to search for evidence then when he was arrested in a staged operation - ( the media had clearly been tipped-off and were ready and waiting with TV cameras.

6/ To justify the staged arrest, the NSW Police lied about the existence of a previous request from Victorian Police for Craig Thomson to surrender himself. He was also strip searched, denied bail at a time which almost resulted in him being incarcerated overnight and given rather strange bail conditions.

7/ At Craig Thomson's first court appearance The Victorian Police were still unable to produce a list of witnesses.

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