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6th Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

[Trans] Musician's Choice

Yonghwa: Bruno Mars - Young Girls.
I liked Bruno Mars from before. He is a singer-song writer. Recently I think he is the most perfect vocalist.
I like all of his songs. [Unorthodox Jukebox] is his latest album. First, 'Treasure' was captured to my ears.
As I keep listening to this album, 'Young Girls' came into my heart. Since then, I am listening to this song.
When I listened to 'Young Girls' first, I felt the arrangement is too difficult, different from other songs before. I thought, 'He might be greedy too much.'
But the more I listened to, the deeper I fell into it. It's so addictive. And I was curious, 'Can he perform this song live?' So I searched Youtube and watched live videos. I realized again that he is a great vocalist.
His expression is good in both bright songs and sad songs. I like his sorrowful voice. It makes me keep listening. He has such a marvelous voice. He makes me wish I could sing as much as him.

Jonghyun: One Ok Rock - Notes'n'Words.
One Ok Rock have relationship with us. From before we met, I liked them.
I heard 'Notes'n'Words' for the first time at their concert. It was a new song at that time. I liked it so much, so I searched it as soon as I came home and listened to it again, fell into it more and more.
This song is by Japanese band, but has pop feeling, as well as feeling of Korean song. So it's easy to listen by Korean people. The lyric goes well with Korean emotion.
I began to know One Ok Rock since when we were at Japan. I like both ballad like 'Notes'n'Words' and also strong rock numbers.
Recently, I am listening to 'Notes'n'Words' whenever I have time, at our dorm and in the car. Members are tired of listening to it.
One Ok Rock can enjoy the stage. They are similar age with us. Watching their performance is a good study to me. They are enjoying the music.
If you have chance, I hope you watch their concert.

Minhyuk: Coldplay - The Scientist.
Cold Play is my favorite band. I like those English bands like Cold Play. Music of Cold Play is easy listening and the music that I want to play.
'The Scientist' was one of my favorite Cold Play song. As I watched the movie [While You Were Falling in Love], I fell for it again. The song 'The Scientist' was played at the end. I knew this song well, but since I was so in this movie, I felt like I listened to it for the first time. I really liked the movie too. My favorite song made my excitement double.
The music video of this song display the lyric. Going back to the past, remind the happy days with former girl friend.
This song suits the cold weather like these days. Acoustic feeling brings you warm emotion.

Jungshin: Maroon 5 - Just a feeling.
I like Maroon 5 and listen to their songs often. 'Just A Feeling' is one of my favorite. I like this music of lonely feeling.
I like his voice too. I thought it's about a confession of love. But as I saw the lyric, it's about man's sad feeling after he parted his girlfriend.
My feeling toward this song was totally different before I saw the lyric and after I saw it.
If I listen to it again after I parted from my girl friend, my feeling about this song would be different again.
The lyric is so realistic, it can happen to me. It's not me who experienced it, but I feel like it's my experience.
Although it's a sad song, as I listen to it, I want to follow this man's feeling, so it makes me want to start dating a girl.

CNBLUE: Oasis - Supersonic
Yonghwa: The best number among all Oasis songs. The guitar reef is so attractive. I'm ecstatic listening to it. 'Supersonic' is strong and solid. It shows this is the rock.
Jungshin: As I'm listening to it, I feel they are performing in front of my eyes. I listen to it in loud volume. I become the audience, I enjoy like audience. I imagine them performing in front of me.
Jonghyun: It's so hard to put this strong sound into the studio album. Of course they are the best band, they have many things to learn. It's a good study to me. They show the coolness of band. Studio album is like a live album.
Minhyuk: The best song with harmony of simple beat and strong and unhindered vocal. It shows hard music is not the only strong music. With just simple beat, it shows richness.

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