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4th Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

130201 SungDongCafe: Fan: "Hello Heechul oppa. Who would you like to have as your boyfriend if you were a girl?"

Heechul: "We used to get these questions in rookie days... anyways.. if I were to point out one by one.. Leeteuk-ssi.. if I was a girl,... and Leeteuk-ssi was my boyfriend,... Leeteuk-ssi is very kind to girls. Not just to his girlfriend but he is kind to every women. but.. Leeteuk-ssi is too stressful and... Kangin-ssi who lives with me... Kangin-ssi is also great to his girlfriend... but Kangin-ssi loves playing so.. I don't like that. Ryeowook-ssi takes care of you very well but.. Because he takes care of you so much, he is very bland. I think Donghae-ssi is the best. But Donghae-ssi is very cold to women; He is just like me. In front of women, he'd be like "What. Okay. Do whatever." but behind her, he'd be like "Hyung, what do you think she'd like? What more should I show her?" but he's the type to get dumped while he thinks though. But I personally like types like Donghae. Siwon-ssi's style is more like... tying his neck to his girlfriend style (Another way to say this is 'devoted' or if you say it in a bad way, 'obsessed'). I tell him all the time, "If I was a girl, I would have dumped you." I always tell him this.
Now going opposite, women should date guys like me. I always had this saying "Dating with Kim Heechul, Marriage with Choi Siwon." It'll be very fun to date me. Your heart will jump everywhere. Now,... Hurry up and confess to me. I will date you all for 1 week intervals. kkkkk. Before my army service is over, I want to date a girl...

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