Last night's 3rd-quarter delay actually could have been much longer - a Ravens official tells me that when the NFL initially tried to resume the game, the 49ers headsets weren't working, so the Ravens were asked to turn their headsets off too. At the time, TV showed Coach John Harbaugh yelling at game officials...what was happening was that he was refusing to let his players re-start, since Baltimore's coordinator coaches from the upstairs box. Officials were about to extend the delay another 15 minutes to bring him down to the field, but fortunately before they started that process, the power to the headsets were restored, preventing what was already a significant delay from turning into an even more major disaster. When I asked John about the incident in our interview postgame, he said he overreacted a bit at the time, and noted "the 49ers handled the delay much better than we did." Of course, it's easy to be more gracious when you've just spent a few minutes holding up the Lombardi Trophy.

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