Needing Donations for the Indiana School for the Blind/Visually Impaired..

As most of you know (or should know) I work at the Indiana School for the Blind/Visually Impaired. The school caters to a wide ride of visual impairments, kids ranging from being totally blind to having more mild impairments that still allow them to read/write, play games, enjoy video games, etc.

Most of these kids come from low income or limited means families, and can't afford to bring their own bedding (sheets, pillow cases, blankets, comforters, etc.), toys, games, books, and so on. We also occasionally provide toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, bar/liquid body soap, toothpaste, hair brushes, etc.) for some of the kids, as well as shoes, clothing, etc.

Much of these items is paid for by the staff of the school, since, being a state funded school, the school's budget is limited.

Right now I'm looking for gently used twin-sized comforters and/or blankets, kid-friendly plastic cups/dishes, gently used clothing/shoes, etc. that you'd be willing to donate. Toys, games, movies and craft supplies would also be greatly appreciated.

Decorative items (posters, lamps, rugs, curtains) make the kids' rooms feel more like home, and donations of such would also be awesome, as would still working dvd/vhs players and other smaller electronics. Gift cards are also an option, and I'm more then happy to email you a copy of the receipt.

There are 4 student dorms, two are high school (one for girls, one for boys), two are middle school (one girls, one boys). Donations of Braille books, games, videos with the Descriptive service, and other items to aid those with visual impairments are always a great donations too!

You can either drop things off/mail stuff for me to take in at the comic shop (5767 E. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250) or you can mail it directly to the school. PLEASE put my name on it, so I can make sure things end up where they're supposed to. Dropping me a message to let me know if anything is incoming would help too :)

Mailing address directly to the school is:

Natalie Gibson c/o

Indiana School for the Blind/Visually Impaired

7725 North College Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46240

Thank you already for what I hope is a worthy spending of your time <3

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