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2nd Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

Time For The World To Meet JLS; Or have they already?

Hey guys so as you know im determined to get the boys worldwide! We all see the many tweets that appear on our timelines saying the boys were played in Italy ooooor charted in Singapore. But the boys and management just don't see it. I know Jay's just tweeted another thing to add to the list haha so hopefully they'll see this too! Below is just some of the international appearances of the boys that you all tweeted me this morning. Surely after seeing this the boys will realise just how major the demand is for them all over Europe and America. Hopefully they can act on this and take a leap into sending their music worldwide, everyone deserves to see their success and become a fan just like us. The boys deserve all the success in the world so lets help them do it!

I can't do this myself and this is why i need your help! I think if we all pass on this twitlonger more people will see! RT/Tweet this and tell as many people to spread the word. Tweet the boys the link to. They need to see just how many fans they have waiting for them all across the world! Also....I know the boys hardly ever check their DMs anymore but many of us have a follow. Sooooo...please DM them the link to this twitlonger. If most people who are followed DM'd the boys the chances of them seeing this is even bigger. It'd be AMAZING if they saw this and acted on it. They deserve it! So please help!

Also i'd just like to thank @TwitCelebGossip for helping with this too! Check out their tweets where they'll be putting this all into an article on their website. Lets get spreading the word (especially to the boys) and lets get them worldwide!

Thank you!


Worldwide appearances from JLS; (As told by all you fans on Twitter this morning):

- They are nominated for 2 world music awards best live act & best group -

-Worldwide twitter trends have been made into articles for magazines across Europe.

- ‘JLS’ has trended worldwide many times before due to fans in the UK, publicising both singles and the boys in general, the boys were also trending worldwide after their Diamond Jubilee performance - trending top in both New Zealand and Australia for more than a day.

-Give Me Life charted at number 17 in Singapore, and the boys have also appeared on a “hot and fresh” list on music channels in Singapore advertising popular and up incoming music acts. - .

- Italian fans created a demand for JLS music to be played on radio and TV resulting in a television programme being broadcasted - introducing the group to Italy with facts on the boys and an introduction to their music. They have also had airplay in shopping centres and on radio too. …

- In America, JLS’ music can be heard all over. Their songs have been played many times in Victoria’s secrets in New York/America with Hottest Girl In The World being played in streets. They’ve been played in many stores, with one fan saying she had heard them “twice in one week in the same store”. She Makes Me Wanna charted in the top 10 in America in a chart pop section. Everybody In Love has also been played on radio.

- Fans have been requesting songs on Danish radio stations with a few articles mentioning them as a group in Danish online papers.

- Another fan mentioned when she was on holiday in Egypt in August, one of the piano bar acts performed one of JLS' songs.

- Shown on MTV in Turkey.

-In France, many fans have been requesting JLS on radio, a fan said that Eyes Wide Shut was played in a shop in Paris and their songs had a lot of radio airplay in the south of France. A fan also said she had heard them being played on France’s biggest radio station, NRJ and as a result their music was also being played in French clubs.

- There are many Israel Fans too - Do You Feel What I Feel charted at both number 6 and 3 in the music charts. She Makes Me Wanna was played on MTV Israel with Hottest Girl In The World and Do You Feel What I Feel also charting and remaining in the charts for a while. Articles on the boys music were also written and could be found in teen magazines and music review sites with Isreal voting them into the “Top 100 biggest stars of 2012”. A fan also said that she knew a radio presenter who worked in the main Irsreal radio station saying their workforce love to play the boys, they also said that Do You Feel What I Feel has become a dominant party/ club song with many DJ’s adding it to their set. One of the most well known Isreal DJ’s has produced some remix’s of DYFWIF and SMMW that feature on radio and in clubs regularly.

-Bulgaria often play She Makes Me Wanna on radio.

- Many fans on Twitter have said they often hear the boys on radio, in shops or boutiques in Spain.

- In Portugal a fan mentioned them being played on radio and also at a water park.

-Ibiza featured many JLS songs in DJ sets and songs could be heard in clubs and bars.

-There has also been airplay on Dutch radio stations, on tv in Holland, radio stations in Greece, Cyprus, Shi Lanka, South Africa and Malta too.

-Dutch magazines named Aston as one of the hottest men of the year, with posters and other information written in other magazines.

- Belgian fans have been requesting radio airplay and they too have heard JLS songs on radio (less than 2 weeks ago).

- Barbados were playing JLS in clubs.

- HGITW has been played twice on MTV live in Norway and they also had a show on MTV.

Aaaaand just as JB's tweeted - Latvia had 7 JLS songs on their karaoke!

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