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2nd Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

[FA] Today(Feb.2) Pre-recording of Music Core.

It seems the filming of TAXI last night finished late.
Jonghyun said "I am puzzled, I slept only two hours. I composed at operation room. I have to compose to make my living." (LOL)
(He worked at night of winning the first number one with new song? Maybe overflowing emotion inspired him.)
But Yonghwa's singing was good. And Yonghwa & Jungshin played with each other so cheerfuly.
Fans said "Minhyuk's hair is tangled." Yonghwa said, "It's his concept."
Minhyuk blowed air into his cheeks. It was so cute.
Junsghin didn't wear hat today. Fans said, "You look handsome without hat." Then he said, "I am also sick of wearing a hat."
Cameraman came to fans and captured so close. Fans covered their face by the towel.
Jungshin said, "Why do you hide, you are pretty! Are you embarrassed to see us?"
Yonghwa said to Jungshin, "You are not pretty, cover your face by the hat."
At the end, Jonghyun came to audience seat had handed his pick to one fan.
The handsome (and popular to BOICE) FD tried to cheer audience, he shouted 'Sori Jilleo!!'(=make some noise), but it was so funny, quite different from Yonghwa's shouting.

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