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2nd Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

[MUST READ] 130202 - Kyuhyun Dad's Words of Love and Understanding re Taiwan SJM FM tickets

[Trans] I went and observed with my own eyes the situation with the sale of the Taiwan SJM FM tickets. Only now do I realize how immensely difficult it is for fans to buy tickets.

About 5000 seats were being sold across the nation in 7-Eleven stores. In every store, there were one to two people waiting. All these people began queuing the night before at around 11pm. They knew that if they were not the first or second person in line, they had absolutely no chance of buying any tickets.

[Translator's note: the tickets were sold via an electronic ticketing machine called IBON which was only available in 7-Eleven stores]

And yet, I heard that all tickets were sold out within one minute. This was all news to me. Is my son who has grown up surrounded by the love of fans aware of this reality? In this process of receiving such immense love from fans, do they know that the love comes from a lot of pain and hard work? I will certainly let them know.

My heart aches when I hear fans say that they wish to die after queuing all night, only to fail in getting even one ticket.

[Translator's note: If the fans were speaking in Chinese when they said "wish to die", it doesn't really mean they want to die. Just a way to express their disappointment and sadness.]

I hope that my words are of some comfort to you. I also wish to let you know how grateful I am and how much love I hold for you.

I love you.

Translation from Korean to Chinese: Yuli-
Translation from Chinese to English: scarkyu

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