@justinvacula In regard to an atheist "cease-fire," you said:

"What do you want me to offer? What will you offer?"

OK, that's fair enough. Here's what I want for a cease-fire, and what I'll offer in return:

Don't make threats of rape or other violence. Don't use sexist slurs like "bitch" or "cunt" to describe anyone, but especially not women. Don't imply that a person's appearance, weight or sexual desirability has any bearing on the validity of her opinions. Don't ogle people, touch them without permission, or trespass on their personal space. Don't act as if you're entitled to other people's time or attention. Don't contact a person in any way if she's asked you to stop. Don't defend or associate with people who do any of these things.

When women object to treatment that makes them feel uncomfortable, unequal or unwelcome, listen to them and take them seriously. Don't get defensive if they criticize your behavior in particular. Don't minimize their concerns, tell them they're imagining things, or argue that you know better than they do what does or doesn't constitute sexism. Don't call them whiners, attention whores, or professional victims.

Show your support for reasonable anti-harassment policies and free childcare at atheist conventions. Encourage the organizers of skeptics' conferences to make a conscious effort to invite speakers of all races and genders. Attend talks that address issues beyond just the traditional skeptical issues of religion and pseudoscience, talks that apply skepticism to entrenched power differences in society that disproportionately harm women and minorities. (If you disagree with their conclusions, that's OK; we're skeptics, after all.) Encourage secular organizations to seek out people of all races and genders to serve on their boards. Don't accept a secular movement with a lopsided majority of white men as normal, unremarkable, or unchangeable.

In return, we'll stop calling you sexists and misogynists.