Yep @_neverwhere @mherr1979 @Skippy9474 We watched him filming inside Haus Des Lehrers for quite a while, we were right outside the building so we could see him very clearly through the huge glass windows, then saw him come out and get into his car to be driven away to the trailer park for his dinner break, so we walked there, waited for a while until he finished eating and after a while his car drove out of the trailer park, he saw us standing in the street so he opened the window to wave, smile and say hello and that he couldn't stop because they were tight for time, he didn't even get to finish his dessert (ice cream), he was still eating it as they drove him back to the set, there was a red light so his car had to stop and we ran to catch up with it, he kept smiling and waving until the car drove him back to the set, he is still there but some of us left as it is dark and cold.

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