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26th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[FA]Jan.23 Music core pre-recording at Club Phantom.
It was supposed to start at 9pm, but it's delayed to 10:40pm. The club was so small. It ended at about 2:00am.
There were Western ladies. So Yonghwa talked to them in English., He said that he already prepared winning speech for Billboard number one. Then he started, "Thank you! .... ehhh I don't remember." Then he spoke in Busan dialect.
A staff said to Yonghwa that he graduated from the Seoul institute of art where Heartstrings were filmed.
He was in class, but all went out to see Yonghwa. So the professor said, "Where's everybody?"
Then Yonghwa said, "On the first filming day, I heard 'Jung Yonghwa! Jung Yonghwa? Who is it?' in the class. So I opened the door and said, 'It's me.'"
Jonghyun hardly talked. When fans asked him, he just nodded head or spoke one word answer.
A fan said, "Say something. Why are you just nodding head?"
Jonghyun said, "My concept is a dumb."
Before beginning, Minhyuk looked tired, he was lying on the sofa putting his hand on his forehead.
So fans asked him if he's OK, he answered he's OK. Jonghyun said, "Kang Minhyuk, don't pretend to be cool. (to fans) He's just pretending to be cool."

Something fell down from Yonghwa's guitar, Jungshin told him that it fell.
Yonghwa picked it up and later he scratched his guitar by it to the scratched part.
Fans were surprised, "Don't do that, I like your guitar as it is."
But he just smiled at fans, and continued to scratch it, while blowing out the powder.
So Yonghwa's black vintage guitar is decorated by himself.

Impromptu song lyric(?)

(Jungshin's bass dung dung dung)
What's gonna do~
I got it. Ladies and gentleman. Fire.
Hey Jonghyun what's gonna do, Hey Jungshin what's gonnaa do man.
Say Ho~ Make some noize!
Uh Uh Uh hu hu
Today here in Club Phatom, you came a lot.
Friday is Muban, Saturday is MuCore, Sunday is Ingigayo.
All live I feel so good.
Today again, but it's too close, it burdens me. Oh I didn't clean my vibrissa.
Oh right side, left side. La tatata
Second floor, all shout out. Woo huhuhu Let's have fun.
Woo huhuhu till the sun rise.
Say Ho~ Make some noise
Woo huhu Enjoy tonight.
Woo huhu till the son rise.
CNBLUE and BOICE. Today, tomorrow, everyday.
Uh uh uh uh Ah Ho Ah Ho One Two~
Second floor is too quiet. Shout out.
Right, left, Right, left, Right, left, Right, left. Shout~
Bass! (Bass solo)
fans: Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin!

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