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24th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[Interview trans #3] just rough trans.

On the interview day, different types of coffee were located in front of each members. Esecially Americano was in front of Yonghwa. As soon as he sat down, he drank half cup. When the interview ended, he opened the cover and chewed the ice.
By contrast, other members left more than half of coffee.
So a reporter asked Yonghwa, "There was a song called Coffee shop in this album. It seems you really like coffee."
Jonghyun answered immediately, "Hyung will run a coffee shop."
Yonghwa, "The model of the song 'Coffee Shop' is 'Kona Beans' in Hongdae. Simon.D hyung also likes it very much. If there were a coffee shop in this building, I would buy it."

Jonghyun said, "Running Man regulars are experienced and have strong team work. I can't defeat them. Yonghwa hyung is experienced too. If you were stuck to hyung(=YH), you can survive longer."
Yonghwa said, "I don't mind camera time, I just hate to lose. So PDs like me and invite me often. For variety shows, I prefer running around to sitting down and talking."

Yonghwa said, "As other members succeeded in their dramas, my burden gets decreased. Before, I had to prepare gesture by myself, but now I don't need to do it anymore.
Each member is doing well, I feel the stage is full. Members gets more confident, I feel more confident too. Now wherever we go, I can perform thinking we are the best."

Jonghyun, "The reason we don't fix CNBLUE's color is that we are still young, we are not a band who perform only 1~2 years. If we fix our genre now, we may be difficult to make music in the future. We will be changed continuously making the music we want to express now."
Jungshin, "We are not dance singers, why people like us? In foreign countries, dance idols are new, band is considered more friendly. Lying on my bed together, we discuss various ideas about small concerts. If we adjust it with our company, we can hold small club tour."

Yonghwa, "We had a concert at Yokohama Arena. At that time, we said, 'This is our legendary concert'. But as I watch it again after one year, I see many faults. When we finished Arena tour, I felt 'Now I have nothing to fear', but Korean concert was better than that. I feel we are getting upgraded as we have more concerts."
Jonghyun, "It's our 4th year, I feel bloodcurdling as I realize how much we improved. We may go up or down, but I'm expecting to see ourselves improved."
Minhyuk, "I feel we are improved when I use new skill to the album recording. I regret listening to old albums, 'At that time, I should have done like this.' It makes me realize that we were improved."
Jonghyun, "We are asked a lot about the misunderstanding as an idol band. At first we worried too. But being a major band have more advantages. If there's any disadvantage, we can solve it by working harder. We will not stop in 1~2 years, but continue for more than 20~30 years. So we can solve anything. Of course I agree, the starting position was different from other bands. But that problem is what CNBLUE must bring, and to solve that problem is our duty."

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