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24th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] Kim Jaejoong: 'Sunye, who is getting married, is very lucky' + talks about his recent love

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong expressed his envy for Wonder Girls' Sunye, who will be getting married soon.

Kim Jaejoong said during his interview on the 21st at Seoul Plaza Hotel, "When I did interviews before, saying 'I want to get married soon' was like a habit. However, it was absurd. Marriage is really tough," as cutely complained.

Born in 1986, Kim Jaejoong turns 28 this year. Having debuted in 2004, this year will be his 10th year as a singer. During the time Kim Jaejoong was involved in the entertainment industry, his 20s also went by. Bringing up the topic of 'love', Kim Jaejoong's rather firm expression returned to that of a normal man in his late 20s.

He muttered, "Sunye is 24 years old, but she's getting married this week. Dating is hard." He continued, "As a person, Sunye is very fortunate. Meeting the person she loves and having a family at that age is not easy to accomplish."

Kim Jaejoong, who introduced his 'lonely state', revealed his recent love that came and went. He said, "If you look at my new album, there's a song called 'My Only Comfort'. That song is a recount of my experiences. I prepared a ring for that person but she left me without being able to see the ring. Does she know? That I prepared a ring?"

Immersed in his thoughts for a moment, he said "I got a refund for the ring. If you bring it in the next day, they'll give you a refund. It was a couple ring and I was wearing mine already. Because I was wearing mine already, I couldn't get a refund for that one" and laughed. He continued, "Ah, Sunye's wedding is the same day as my concert. Many people should come (to my concert) but would it be buried by Sunye's wedding? I don't know."

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