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23rd Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[Interview trans #1] just a rough translation.
1st track - I'm sorry
Yonghwa, "A narrow minded guy is kicked out by his girlfriend and blowing off steam. It's basically pop sound, and rock elements are added. I am doing a band, but I like various music such as dance, electronics. So I tried to put those things too."
2nd track - Coffee Shop was born while Yonghwa and Jungshin were having a midnight date at Hongdae.
Last year, while Jonghyun and Minhyuk were busy doing drama, Yonghwa and Jungshin who didn't have thing to do, used to go to coffee shop every early morning.
And he realized there were various people in this world, and wrote a song, this is Coffee Shop.
3rd track - 나 그대보다 (Me more than you)
Jonghyun, "I didn't have enough time due to filming A Gentlmen's Dignity. But I wanted to include at lease one my song. Yonghwa hyung's songs are strong band sound, so I made a fresh feeling song."
Yonghwa, "I prefer dark minor code songs, while Jonghyun is good at composing major code, bright songs. I thought it would be good if there's an easy listening song in the middle of tracks."
4th track - '나란 남자 (A guy like myself)' has strong dance feeling.
Yonghwa, "While surfing the internet, I found an expression 'Naran Namja(A guy like myself)' was a trend, I got motivation from it and composed this song."
Minhyuk, "It's a dance song, so I worried if I should use midi drums or acoustic drums. Finally I used midi drums mainly and mixed some of acoustic drums. I think it matched well."
5th track- 'La La La' is a calm song with impressive piano melody.
Yonghwa, "I wanted to make a song which has similar feeling as 'Just Please'. I love rainy days, this is the most suitable song to listen in rainy day."
6th track - 'Where you are' is recorded again in English, which was released in Japan before.
This song hit the Oricon weekly chart number one after 41 years as a foreign band.
Jungshin, "This song can show the strong figure of band. I'm glad we can introduce it in Korea."

Minhyuk, "We had Asian tour on our debut year, and we continued to hold concerts after that. We had good reputation and now we can have a world tour. After this world tour, we will grow up more than now."
Yonghwa, "Not only world tour, I want to participate in small regular club tour or rock festival. We couldn't do it before because we worried we might hear that it's to prevent rumors. But since we still want it, and we can communicate well with our company about it. Soon, you can meet us at a rock festival."
Jungshin, "Recently, we suggested some fresh ideas to remove rumors to our company. If it's permitted, we will be able to show you it soon."
They are preparing a new project.
When they were asked what is their ultimate goal, Jonghyun said, "Stay long. Till we become grey hair. That is our goal and I think that is the coolest thing."

Yonghwa said, "When I check the digital chart, I feel happy, so I call my mother everyday.
My mother says, 'I like this song.' so I said, 'You may like it because it your son's song'.
Then mother said, 'No, it makes me move up my shoulders.'" (Laugh)
And Yonghwa told about another track, Coffee Shop. "I love Americano too much. When I am tired, I feel better only by smelling the coffee scent.
After I drink 10 cups, my heart beats too fast, then I think 'I should stop'. He confessed he is a coffee mania.
Minhyuk said, "I asked him not to drink at least when he caught a cold, but he drank." He showed worring face.
Yonghwa said, "I'm caffein addicted. I even like Yoseob's 'Caffein'. (made the mood awkward) I want to be loved by Beast fans."

There is still prejudice that an idol composes by himself.
Yonghwa said, "They may think so. If I have anything in my mind, I would consider those comments.
But I started composing when I was 3rd year of middle school. I am confident to myself. I don't care those comments."
Jonghyun, "While hyung(YH) had a year break, he composed huge amount of songs. It was almost a factory. So I could include one my song only.
We get counsel or advice from our president or musical seniors. But that's all. The rest is ours. All of our opinions are well accepted, so that we can work in free mood."

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