Info to contact Brough's paper to get #Ashby questions answered during its reporter's train trip with Brough next week.

The popularity of Richard Ackland's piece on January 18 proved that many Australians want answers on Ashby which the big MSM doesn't want to give. Maybe local papers will have a go.

Mal Brough has hidden from view since the judgement, but his local, The Sunshine Coast Daily, has spoken to him and organised a train trip with him next week.

There are several ways concerned citizens can urge the paper to get a national scoop by asking Brough the hard questions and persisting until they get answers.

1 Tweet

Sunshine Coast Daily @the_daily.
Editor-in-chief Darren Burnett @darrenb71

2 Email

Newsdesk - 07 5430 8058
Editor-in-chief Darren Burnett -

3. Phone

News desk -07 5430 8058
General - 07 5430 8000

4. Comment

Comment to the paper's story advising that it had interviewed Brough and would travel with him by train next week.

I will compile a list of possible questions using your suggestions and tweet/email them to the paper soon.

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